Open Dialogues across
Physics and Astronomy

A cross-discipline conference for physics and astronomy PhD students from all disciplines.

Dates: 6th and 7th of September 2022 at The University of Southampton and Online

Open Dialogues 2022 is now over but Open Dialogues 2023 is accepting abstracts!

In person registration closed on Friday 19th of August. To join the waiting list email

Online registration will be available until the 4th of September.

Students based at Southampton may still be able to join in person providing they provide notice to the conference chair via email

Open Dialogues is free to attend for all physics PhD students that have registered; with free accommodation at Glen Eyres halls available for the 5th and 6th of September.

Students from universities in the South East Physics network (SEPnet) can have their travel costs reimbursed by SEPnet. See the SEPnet website for the full list of member universities.

ODaPA 2022 – “Opening the Dialogue”

Funding panels increasingly reward interdisciplinary research, but conferences and seminars are still largely narrow in their focus. Open Dialogues across Physics and Astronomy addresses this by giving students the chance to discuss their work at its intersections with other disciplines, promoting interdisciplinary work and collaboration.

This year’s conference features:

  • An amazing line-up of Student Talks and Posters.
  • Keynote Talks from invited academics.
  • A Careers Panel and Peer Mentoring Workshop.
  • The Open Dialogues; discussion panels that connect academics across disciplines.

Invited Academics

Dr. Yolanda Ohene (she/her)

Biomedical Imaging, The University of Manchester

Read more about Yolanda’s work.

Dr. Catxere Casacio (she/her)

Dr. Michael Fox (he/him)

Dr. Ashley Spindler (she/they)

Astronomy and Data Science, University of Hertfordshire

Read more about Ashley’s work.

Dr. Charanjit Kaur Khosa (she/her)

Particle Physics and Machine Learning, University of Bristol

Read more about Charanjit’s work.

Dr. Jim Hague (he/him)

Condensed Matter and Mathematical Biology, The Open University

Read more about Jim’s work.

Dr. Heidi Theimann (she/her)

Dr. Jess Wade (she/her)

Materials Physics, Imperial College London

Read more about Jess’s work.